I want a soldier for Christmas

As Santa your hear lots of things

of what children want as gifts

Some can’t tell me what they want

But I think I get their drifts

They’ll ask for dolls and games and stuff

And they’ll ask me really  nice

It’s not hard to find their favorite gift

since it’s one they’ll mention twice.

One year I had a bunch of kids

who came in to the mall

And until I met this one group

I thought I’d seen it all

I’ve done this job for twenty years

And things might seem the same

The toys out there that are alike

one that has another name

The kids all stay consistent

And many scream and  many cry

Although you know I just don’t know

Though I’ve oftern wondered why

The girls want dolls, the boys want guns

And all of them forget

That the real meaning of Christmas is

the one they’ve not learned yet

They walk around and stop and stare

Before they get in line

Then they still act slightly nervous

Although they really know it’s fine

to sit upon this strangers lap

And tell him your desires

For this man has Christmas Magic

And it’s all that he requires.

Well, one year I sat and watched some kids

as they walked about the store

I saw them first at one o’clock

And now it’s nearly four,

For three full hours they all watched

As other children cried

Two got in the line one time

But one stood to the side.

More time passed before this group

Came to share their Christmas list

But nary one child spoke a word

I thought, “there’s something here I’ve missed”

I gave them each a candy cane

And I asked about some toys

I talked about some dolls and games

And things that made strange noise

But, they stood and stared quite thoughtfully

And they didn’t make a sound

I looked to see if in the back

Their parents were around

When all at once the three stepped forth

and all held out one hand

And in their unfurled fingers

They held a plastic army man

A woman then stepped forward

saying “Santa, they won’t speak”

“They’ve all been silent since last May”

“They’ve not spoken since that week”

“They just know their father’s left them

and they think that it’s their fault

that their father isn’t here at home

And their crying just won’t halt”

I pulled the children closer

And I said I’d do the best I can

To get them what they wanted

A real live soldier man

The little one stepped forward

And she didn’t make a fuss

When she said ” I want a soldier…

I want me a soldier for Christmas!”

I knew I couldn’t help her

But I said that he’d be back

When he’d finished all his service

He return home from Iraq.

It was then you know it hit me

Christmas meant much more than toys

There was one thing more important

To this little girl and boys.

Now when children stand there silent

and they stare and look at me

And they stand there like a statue

I just think about these three

Who wanted something special

Something nobody could buy

And I hope they gottheir soldier

And he’s safe home, by and by.

I hope our soldiers get home

And they’re safe and are alright

Now, Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!


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