Mind Capsules – Gotham by Midnight #1 and Batman Eternal #34

The Telltale Mind

Gotham by Midnight #1
Gotham by Midnight #1

Writer – Ray Fawkes
Artist – Ben Templesmith

Gotham by Midnight is a moody and atmospheric little book that probably takes place after Batman Eternal at some point and finds Jim Corrigan, The Spectre, and a select team of cops investigating cases of the supernatural, kind of like the X-Files.  Things are running along smoothly for them until an investigator from Internal Affairs shows up to find out just what it is they are exactly doing aside from wasting taxpayer’s money.  So to prove what they do is legit, Corrigan takes the investigator on a case which might be more than the man ever bargained for.  Fawkes does a great job on the script for this new Batman title, and Batman does make an appearance, but it is Ben Templesmith who really makes this book come alive with his appropriately haunting pencils.  Fresh off his book…

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