Status Update: Coming Months

West Fork Whiskey Co.


Well, after a few months of reading, planning, and bickering about names, Blake and I have finally started to take some steps in the right direction in regards to this journey. We’ll be heading to Chicago in a couple months for a three day workshop presented by the Kothe Distilling where we’ll hopefully learn a substantial amount about what we’re getting ourselves into. The workshop will include a number of different things from grain selection, mashing in, all the way down to bottling and COLA’s. It should be a great experience, and talking about spirits for three days seems like it will be pretty amazing. We’ve also made some progress reaching out to other craft/artisan distillers around the nation for advice, some of which has been encouraging, which is nice.

These are definitely steps in the right direction, but there’s a very very long way to go. Luckily you’ll get to witness…

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