Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #10 and Avengers World #15

The Telltale Mind

Amazing Spider-Man #10
Amazing Spider-Man #10

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Olivier Coipel
Inker – Wade Von Grawbadger
Colours – Justin Ponsor

The second part of Spider-Verse finds our various spider-heroes thwarting the members of the Inheritors and noticing that it takes quite a bit to do so.  That becomes more evident when they discover that Morlun and his family keep clones of their bodies on hand just in case something does happen to them, such as dying.  So if they cannot truly die, then what is there to do for our heroes?  Dan Slot continues to ramp up the action between the heroes and villains as well as bringing in more new Spider-Men including the wonderful Spider-Monkey.  Not only do we get to see some more of Peter’s other selves, but also the return of the Superior Spider-Man who has been assembling his own team of Spider-Men to take on the…

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