Alone at Christmas

Every year at Christmas
The tree goes by the wall
I drag the damn thing from downstairs
And I tug it down the hall
The lights go up with tinsel
The ornaments and star
Then I go downstairs and knock one back
Behind my little two tap bar

I’ve done it now for forty years
Each year, the tree and lights
The tinsel and the ornaments
To brighten up the nights
The cards I get go on the wall
No baking do I do
I go downstairs and have a drink
Sometimes I might have two

The kids, not here, they have their lives
I get a call on Christmas Day
It’s far to far to come out here
And there’s just no room to stay
The boys have hockey, the girls as well
So they won’t be coming soon
They play their first game at three
So I get their phone call right at noon

I put my little Cornish hen
In the oven for my meal
I’ve got some frozen veggies
And a Christmas Cracker for the “feel”
I sit alone at Christmas
I watch the telly, have a beer
It’s not the same with out you
It’s not Christmas, you’re not here

Still every year the tree comes out
I put it where you’d say
We’d move it at least fifteen times
Until it found a place to stay
I drag the decorations out
I’ve not yet bought something new
I’m here alone at Christmas
With my memories spent with you.


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