A Christmas Thought

It was a night like this
That the world changed forever
Some say for the worse
Some say for the better
A child arrived
The King of Kings
The world would be different
So the Angel sings

Unto you a child is born
The Son of God by name
Some were happy he was here
Others not so that he came
Wars are fought in the belief
That their Lord is the one
But, truly isn’t each sides Lord
Our God’s only son

He never travelled far from home
His message and his word
Were spread throughout the many lands
His silence not deterred
He spoke the word of God himself
He performed miracles for some
He’d do so in His Holy name
And his end would swiftly come

He never made age  thirty four
Thirty Three  up on the cross
He gave his life for his beliefs
Would you do so….at that cost?
His birthday, do we celebrate
Each year, at least we try
School plays portray the Saviours birth
Then retailers tell us buy

The season is not retail based
It is the Celebration of The One
The importance of the season’s lost
When the Christmas plays are done
This year, please take a moment
Think about what Christmas means
Think about The Son of God
Before you try on those new jeans….


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