Late for his own funeral

He never won a race he started

He was always way behind

It made his teachers wonder

What went on in his mind

He always made it late for school

No matter how he tried

He was always coming to the door

While the others sat inside

Always late at dinner time

He was always being told

“You’ll be late for your own funeral”

And he ate dinner….always cold

He’d miss the bus, be late for work

I guess it was his fate

No matter what he did….well,

He always turned up late

His bride walked out and left him

When she showed up to the church

He was still home sleeping

She thought he’d left her in the lurch

There are times when being tardy though

Made him thankful that his clock

Was running late and he showed up

As the ship sailed from the dock

He was behind about an hour

On that cold and fateful day

He was late for his own funeral

As The Titanic sailed away…

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