roadmap of my life

There’s no straight lines from A to B

No compass does it show

It shows my life as it has been

It doesn’t show me where to go

As time goes by the pages fade

Just memories of past times

At times the present’s blurry too

There’s just so many criss crossed lines

No pages show my future

Just blank, unfilled, unset

You can not have a road map

To things that have not happened yet

Some roads it shows are darker

Roads you’ll want to use once more

And on other pages, blankness

You don’t know what they were for

The map is everchanging

It’s not always the same

You can blame the old mapmaker

It’s your mind that is to blame

You trigger things with songs and sounds

And others you might lose

It’s a map that should show where you’ve been

But it’s no good without clues

A compass in the corner

Doesn’t point which way to go

It’s your life, there is no answers

You get to choose which row you hoe.

It’s not an easy map to follow

Hills and valleys all around

But, somewhere there’s a spot that

Is where your best can be found

A page that now sits empty

Tomorrow, will be mapped and show the way

But, it won’t show you where you’re off to

It’ll show where you were today

So, enjoy the roads you’ve travelled

And the experience so far

For this is not a map you’ll ever

Find inside of any car

As I said, it changes daily

There’s only so much room for stuff to stay

So, remember just what’s important

And make the bad stuff go away

It’s not a map that can be folded

It doesn’t show you where to start

But when you go and look back at it

You’ll see your life was full of heart.

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