Vacation or Staycation

Work was looming over me
It was never getting done
The family was tired too
It was time to have some fun

A trip away from madness
To a place away from here
Where work would not contact me
And I could rest and drink some beer

I checked the bank
The news was bad
I’d spent all the money
That we had
We wouldn’t travel
on vacation
We were gonna take
a forced Staycation

We’d shut the doors
Shut off the phones
We’d make it look
Like we weren’t home

I thought this seemed alright to me
Now, I must convince the family
We’d stay at home where it was free
And it was cheap as cheap could be

We’d do things like we always do
No surprises here and nothing new
We’d stay up late and sleep till two
I could see nothing going wrong

I told my wife
She told the kids
She put my life
On up for bids
If we stayed home
Like I had said
She’d make sure
I’d wake up dead

I went on down to see the bank
And see if I could see
A manager to loan some cash
To save me from my family
A staycation is something that
Is great at times in life
But, it will not do you any good
If you try to sell it to your wife


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