Bowe Bergdahl Should Face Court-Martial

Forming The Thread

I served a full career in the military. I have been deployed to war zones. I have served in the Pentagon. I have lost friends to this “Global War on Terror.” So yeah, I definitely have an opinion on this one.

As it happens, I never much approved of our policies post-9/11. I viewed the Afghanistan war as necessary but poorly prosecuted, and dragged out for far too long. I viewed the latest Iraq war as completely unnecessary and ultimately very damaging to our national security. I deeply resent every US dollar and every US life expended there, and I was not shy about saying so among my comrades. I was not alone in my opinions, either.

But being in an all-volunteer military isn’t license to decide what you will and won’t do. It isn’t license to quit, to walk away, to sabotage US operations, to ditch your buddies…

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