A Playboy Interview With Miles Davis

H.G. Fields

Amazing Miles Davis Photos from New Gallery Show – Vanity Fair Nov 20, 2008

One of the best interviews I’ve read, like ever. And in Playboy too, who would’ve thought eh? Apparently the magazine wasn’t just tits on tits on tits.

I don’t listen to a lot of jazz but I appreciate a fair bit of it and find their entertainers of yesteryear quite fascinating. I also do recall hearing a bit of Davis when I was younger, what with mi dad being a fan and all.

Last night I was doing some reading up on jazz musicians and such from way back when. I came across this 1962 interview which was so enthralling that I felt the need to press it and share with you lot.

So very worth a read, whether you’re into the music genre or not. While the interview has some to do with the actual music, it…

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