drinking for tomorrow

drinking for tomorrow

I’m drinking for tomorrow
I gave up drinking for today
Because tomorrow never comes
Or so they say

I figure if I’m drinking
and tomorrow does arrive
then I have found a new way to survive

I was drinking yesterday
towards tomorrow, now today
It’s a deep dark endless circle
that keeps tomorrow far away

I’m going to continue
Until tomorrow is today
though tomorrow never comes
or so they say

Somewhere there’s a bottle
with my name there on the label
I have to find the tavern
and I have to find that table
one day I will find it
as long as I am able
to reach into tomorrow from today

so, right now I do my drinking
for tomorrow, not today
I did some drinking yesterday
but, that’s now far away
I’ll try to reach tomorrow from today

it is an endless circle
on a track without a train
tomorrow holds the sunshine
but today is filled with rain
one day I know i’ll reach it
and forever I will gain
the fact I reached tomorrow from today


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