The Saluter

The Saluter

The young boy walked on through the park

His mother close behind

But then he took off swiftly, though

She knew that she would find

Him standing at the Cenotaph

Saluting, ramrod straight

He did it everytime they passed

No matter what the date

He knew that is was honorable

A place to honur those

Who died defending what was right

And every time he froze.

Each time they went to ride the swings

He ran ahead to stand

He did it, and she was proud he did

Though he didn’t understand

A silent sentinel…piegeon perch

Memorialized the dead

There were pigeons all around it

And two piegeons on the head

But Billy didn’t mind the birds

In fact he liked to say

The piegeons are the soldier men

Who can no longer play

He always walked around all sides

Always looking for the names

Of his father and his uncle

Bill and Randy James

They were taken by an IED

Though that meant nothing to Bill

But each time that he found their names

He then saluted and stood still

He knew that they would not return

Although gone, their names were here

He saluted them each time he came

Of the pigeons, he’d no fear

This silent, solemn cenotaph

Was a place he loved so much

Although he couldn’t see his father

His namplate he could touch

He knew that his saluting

Made his mother’s heart strings sing

After his silent hello to his dad

He could go play on the swing…


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