no special uniform

No special uniform

Can you imagine
Sleeping on the street
Going without the daily things
That you take for granted daily
Can you imagine
Working alongside
A person who must live like this
And still can’t afford them?

The homeless and the destitute
Don’t live in prisons and in workhouses
They live and work amongst us
They are our compatriots, our friends
They have pride, as do you
That’s why you don’t know
They don’t look different
There’s no scarlet letter on their clothing

But, the reaction from the masses
Is always negative at best
This is not a life choice
They aren’t just the dregs of society
These are people…PEOPLE
They want respect, but it doesn’t matter
Not a bit…they have pride, and that’s what counts
That ‘s why you don’t know

They are the hidden
The working class of poor
They are the avalanche of humanity
That pour through the mission door
They have spouses, and young children
Using programs and support
But, to most they are invisible
Homelessness is not a sport
It doesn’t have a season
You can not turn away from it
Ignorance is not a reason
It’s time to make a change of things
Get out and do your part
Smile each time someone talks to you
It’s not big, but it’s a start

There is no special uniform
There is no way for them to look
You may be sitting next to one
In the library, with that book
Change the worlds perception
Hold the grass down, on the way
Step up, and do the right thing
Help the homeless out today.


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