The Ghost of the Pirate…Muldoon

The Ghost of the Pirate…. Muldoon

There is a story of the beach that’s been told
Of shipwrecks and pirates and their booty of gold
Of devils and angels and souls that were sold
For the location that’s hiding the treasure so old

During the day, the beach is quite full
Of tourists and locals and such
But, when the sun’s going down
The locals don’t go there so much

Most nights in movies there’s groups at the beach
Singing songs round a large burning fire
But, this beach is different, no one goes there
Cross my heart, you can call me a liar

Out at the end of the breakers and rocks
Is a graveyard of old pirate ship hulls
Divers have checked them and nothing was found
Now they’re home to just crayfish and gulls

The story is told of the pirate….Muldoon
And the treasure buried round in these parts
It’s protected by witchcraft and devilish lore
And is covered by ten pirates hearts

They say that Muldoon took down ships by the score
From Jamaica on up to Gaspe
But whatever he took, no one knows where he left
his treasure from then to this day

His ghost it is said, roams the dunes in the night
His wailing is heard near the sea
Folks don’t stick around when the day is done
There’s nary a soul there to see

Muldoon was a man with a penchant for gold
He made deals with the devil as well
Witches have said that the last deal he made
Let him take all his booty to hell

Pirates and Ghosts and Witches and ships
These are tales that will play on your mind
But for all that he took, and through all the years past
Not one single dubloon will ye find

From cradle to grave the folks in these parts
Know the story of the Pirate Muldoon
The tree where he died still stands by the shore
Glowing bright when there is a blood moon

The word is that he, was hung from the tree
And Muldoon cursed the beach as he dropped
He said that his gold would never be found
Though the searching never has stopped

Fires go out, and the wind whips his cry
Is it Muldoon or just tricks of the air
It doesn’t much matter, for no one will know
Because at night, there is nobody there

Muldoon walks the beach with his leg made of wood
Guarding treasure, of jewellery and gold
He will stay there forever, for it will not be found
This I say, being ever so bold

If you should find yourself down at the beach
And the sun starts to set in the west
You’d best make a move and get home where it’s safe
Or meet Muldoon who is guarding his chest.

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