Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

For all things there’s a reason
I understand this, but tell me what
Is the method for deciding who
Gets afflicted and who does not?

Good people made to suffer
Bad people left to live
They say that there’s a reason
So..a reason…will you give

There are places named for heroes
Some for leaders, some for Kings
I would like to tell of one lad
who’s namesake was these things

The child that I speak of
Is a prisoner of his own
He is afflicted with an illness
That is known as Brittle Bone

Simple movements, they can injure
A simple sneeze may break his neck
So, please tell me the reason
who up there, said “What the heck?”

A child with no grievance
What exactly can be learned
By afflicting this poor child
Did God miss, was his back turned

This child is a leader
He is special, here’s the thing
He is named after a great one
Alexander is a King

For all things there is a reason
This is one I do not get
This child needs a lifetime
And with his family…that he’ll get.



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