Passing Time

Passing Time

I think back to days gone by
And the things that made me, me
riding bikes down red dirt roads
And the magic witches tree

Out on a back country road
About five miles outside of town
Was a house that no one went to
It should have been torn down

The window shutters all hung loose
And out front there was a tree
That only bloomed in winter time
It was something that made me

Images of long ago
Are stuck inside my mind
Spinning out in order
Some confusing, intertwined
Memories that may have been
And others added to
Their part of what made me, me
Mixed in a mental stew

I remember going out to see
The house with the strange name
The sign out front said “Passing Time”
But, that’s not it’s claim to fame

Out in front a big, black tree
Stood guarding all around
It bloomed like mad in winter
but in summer, no leaves were found

It bore no fruit, had shiny bark
And this tree called to me
It said come on in, and climb on up
This tree helped make me, me

I had few friends to follow
I was the smallest of the group
I was always being bullied
I wasn’t quite part of the loop

One day we went to “Passing Time”
And the tree just called to me
I figured, it was time to start
not being them, but, being me

I challenged them to climb on it
They said that I was mad
It called me and I went to it
The tree seemed rather sad

I climbed the branches to the sky
I was helped up by the tree
It was them I knew that I was now
Not them, but I was me

After climbing down the tree
I knew that I’d be back again
The boys treated me differently
Because of courage I showed then

The magic witches tree still stands
My grandkids and their friends still climb
For, I bought the house long years ago
And now I own “Passing Time”

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