I woke up in love

I woke up in love

I woke up in love today
I wasn’t in love late last night
In fact I went to bed alone
So, something just ain’t right
Cupid shot his arrow
But, he’d better check his sight
’cause I woke up in love today
And I wasn’t late last night

I figured I’d go drinking
To the bar, scene of the crime
Nothing felt that different
Hit the jukebox, dropped a dime
Joan Jett hit my eardrums
Grabbed a beer, and nothing more
Then I saw her hair a’ flying
As she danced around the floor

An angel in a flannel shirt
High boots and tight blue jeans
She was dancing with no rhythm
To a song from in my teens
I wasn’t gonna join her
I can’t dance, and I won’t try
I just waited till she spun around
Then I’d try to catch her eye

The waitress brought another drink
I paid, and she was gone
And my dance floor angel
Disappeared after that song
It must have been more lust than love
At least that’s what I think
I looked around the bar for her
And I had another drink

The waitress took her bar rag
She wiped my table off for me
She put her hand on top of mine
And said this drinks for free
I thanked her, and she smiled
Left her number by my phone
She said why don’t you call me
I’ll be off when you get home

A few more drinks and smiles
And I left without a glance
But by then I had forgotten
The dancing angel and those pants
I can’t remember calling
I don’t remember much at all
But I woke up in love this morning
And I don’t remember it at all


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