Olympic Brigadoon

Olympic Brigadoon

For sixteen days a village lives
then it disappears from sight
It’s filled with the worlds residents
For two days plus one fortnight
In four years, there’s another one
Another village, ‘neath the moon
The next one will be in Brazil
An Olympic Brigadoon
It closes down and goes to sleep
After all records are sought
For four years it’s gone from our minds
A place that time forgot
Like Brigadoon, this village lives
In the worlds collective hearts
Until a new one comes again
four years from end to start
Memories and records set
By those who came and went
They were their counties best and brightest
All well deserving, those who’re sent
To a village never seen before
And only seen a small amount
The times it was on our tv sets
Is just too few to count
A place of such emotion
A place where legends stayed
A place of such great magic
They gave their best each time they played
But tonight, when the torch is turned off
And the celebrations end
And the residents pack up to leave
An empty village left to tend
In four years there’s another one
With those inspired by these games
They’ll live in a new village
And the world will learn their names
but, out of sight and out of mind
For four years comes real soon
Another athletes village
Another Olympic Brigadoon..

Brigadoon was a mythical Scottish village from the movie of the same name with Gene Kelly and Van Johnson. Brigadoon was cursed so that it showed up for one day, every one hundred years with time standing still between the centuries. Should anyone leave Brigadoon during the day that it is visible, then all is lost and Brigadoon will be gone forever. It is a great movie. I hope you like it and the poem.


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