Las Vegas

The slot machines remove my cash
with Dyson like precision
The operation’s painless
There isn’t even an incision
It’s gone as soon as I sit down
For that is just their mission
I lose as soon as I sit down
I made a bad decision

The table games are even worse
Distractions everywhere
Table dancers walk and dance
But most folks do not care
In shorty shorts and thigh high boots
They flick and fling their hair
And we sit losing wads of cash
As though we do not care

The strip itself is free to walk
It’s a breaking even quest
Unless you take the monorail
Then you get put to the test
Long walks between casinos
Through the homeless where they nest
Once you walk to where you’re going
You need to sit down for a rest

The walkways littered with lost souls
Our society’s open sores
selling water for a dollar
blocking all the hotel doors
tourists cueing up to see
shell and ball games by the score
We walk by glancing down on them
For we are Vegas whores

A city based on excess
Where the winner is not you
There are some that leave with money
But, in truth….there’s very few
The derelict and drunkards
beg for change the whole day through
and their dogs beg from the beggars
It never changes….nothing’s new.


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