souls on the slipstream

souls on the slipstream

I know that I have loved you
sometime in the past
we’re two souls out in the slipstream
with no sail upon the mast
two souls in search of someone
and I know that someone’s you
we’ve been in love forever
at least a time or two

I have known you for forever
yes, I know that it was you
we are looking for each other
and each time, our love is new
we are souls without direction
we have been in love before
and we’re destined to repeat it
in time forever more

we might skip a generation
ok maybe one or two
we are searching for each other
at least I am for you
we aren’t famous individuals
just two souls on the wind
who are cursed to keep repeating
for once, we must have sinned

we are stuck inside the vortex
of an endless loop of souls
coming back to search forever
through a sea of timeless holes
we have been in love forever
and until we get it right
we are two stars always burning
in the cold dark winter night

we are souls out on the slipstream
we have played the lover’s game
we both know we’ve been together
because our love it seems the same
it’s a love built on the ages
we know we’ll meet again
one day we’ll get it perfect
so now my love…’till then…


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