I Fell

I fell

There is falling
and there’s FALLING
and I was good at both
I swear to that completely
I’ll swear that under oath
If there’s a way to take a tumble
A way to fall on down
Then I’m the best example
I’ve spent a life time on the ground

First, we’ll tackle skating
Couldn’t cross and make the turn
I’d get caught and then I’d tumble
It’s something I never did quite learn
I was always out there falling
While the others skated by
I could never make the motion
So…I no longer even try

Athletics, you know track and field
High hurdles, running track
It’s evident, I couldn’t jump
So from track I got the sack
Always had weak ankles
Was always falling down
While most kids shorts were crisp and white
Mine were stained all green and brown

I gave up and then tried camping
Just a tent, the woods and me
I never even got out once
I tripped over a tree
I mean, I fell out in the forest
And yes, I made a sound
I mean if anybody heard that noise
It was me hitting the ground

I’m not much good at anything
You can see that from my past
My body moves at one speed
My feet just go too fast
I’ve always been a faller
Falling’s the one real thing I do
And the last time that I fell
Was the day, that I met you….


1 Comment

  1. thank you everyone for liking this poem.i hope to find time this weekend to catch up on my reading of your sites as well. once again, thanks, and Paul….thanks for the support.


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