The Street….Little Tramp Stamp

The Street….Little Tramp Stamp

She was a friend of Amber Clark
You know, you’ve met her before
She’s the girl who listens secretly
To Bach behind the door
The Closet Classic Junkie
Who wears shirts of the Ramones
But listens to Rachmaninov
whenever she’s alone

Jennifer McSweeney
known by all upon the street
She had kind words for everyone
She liked everyone she’d meet
She ate meals at Giannis
Knew the Pawnbroker, Old Cy
She listened to the bluesman
Whenever she came by

Like all the folks upon the street
Jennifer was dark
Not gothic, but you could say grey
She was set to make her mark
She was going to be famous
Her face upon the Silver Screen
She was going to be a movie star
Like The Truck Stop Beauty Queen

Jennifer loved movies
Not the ones that can be found
At the local dvd store
She liked the movies without sound
Her little quirk was that she
Liked the movies from the start
They told tales in black and white
These were strong in Jenni’s heart

Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd
Fatty Arbuckle, and more
Zasu Pitts, Charlie Chase
They struck her to her core
L and H, The Keystone Kops
She loved to see them grapplin’
But none of these compared to her
deep love for Charlie Chaplin

The Cineplex would show a film
They would host a special week
When silent movies were the shows
When nobody did speak
Jennifer would take the time
To watch each film they showed
She was so happy when the week came round
She positively glowed

The kids she knew, all thought her odd
Because of what she liked
But, when the silent week was here
Jennifer was psyched
One year she went to the next town
To get a small tattoo
It was all done up in black and grey
It was what she had to do

Like other girls who have been inked
It was in the same place
But, it was little, very non descript
Of her favorite actors face
She told few friends about it
And though she never did get violent
If you laughed at her tattoo
Like Chaplin, she’d be silent

She kept it to herself most times
Her little bit of ink
As she aged she’d show it more
For the cost of just one drink
She would take them to her bedroom
And by the light of her small lamp
She would show her tattoo proudly
Chaplin….her little tramp stamp

It’s the thing that she is know for
She’s the girls with Charlie’s face
Where others all have Chinese Words
She has Chaplin in this place
She is known for loving movies
In black and white, and though it’s camp
She gives a whole new meaning to
Having a tramp stamp.



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