Most Likely To

Did they live the life projected In their high school yearbook? Did they take the wife selected Why not take a look?
Geeks and Dweebs and Superstars Smile back from ancient pages Going back to high school now To read the writings from the sages Voted “The Most something” Gave one a certain goal to reach But, the weekend after graduation These titles were lost on some lone beach
Did Mr. “Most Likely to Succeed” Ever make his millions Or is he working at the daily grind Like so many other billions?
Most Likely to Become a Mom That’s a title that’s too cheesy What exactly did it mean? Is this girl just one who’s easy?
Most Likely to become Prime Minister Not a chance in hell ’round here Debating was not a skill That we were taught I fear
Did the person picked “Most Likely to…. Have a leg up on the rest Were they picked for popularity Or were they really just the best
Our “Most Likely to win a Nobel Prize” because his Chemistry marks were great Is now working as a bartender At a bar that’s open late
“Most Likely to be a famous rock star” Now, there’s a title to hang on to Ours, works in geology So, they didn’t miss by far
Look back and laugh at what you see This book is just a snap Of people from your life you knew Some who fell into the trap
A title of “Most Likely To…” Shouldn’t determine who you’ll be For if it does, then you must be someone who didn’t learn to see
We had a girl get shot to death She never got a yearbook name But, she was killed robbing a bank years back And now that’s her claim to fame
Doctors, Lawyers, warehousemen They were all there in our school Some were picked “Most Likely to..” Most were not, and that’s cool
If you know a “Most Likely To…” And they became what they were told Close the book, and leave it shut You’re the one who struck gold
You made a choice to move along And make a life, to make you ..YOU And you didn’t need a high school tag To say…”Most Likely To…..”


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