My Family History

My Family History…(a spelling lesson)

I did a little research work
And you know I’m glad to say
I found out about my history
I typed my name and there it was
A family tree of sorts
With leaves appearing eveywhere
My family and their warts
There were places on the listing
That I had never been
And the names of the all the people
Well, most….I’d never seen
My grandad married seven times
My nanny married four
My mum was not my mother
And my dad…was out the door
The leaves kept showing up there
Beside each and every name
I sat there for eight hours
I was really glad I came
England, Scotland, Middle East
Nevada and Wales Too!
It seemed that all my family
Moved when the rent was due
I had cousins in Zimbabwe
I had cousins in Peru
They were scattered all through Italy
There were some in China too.
I learned things that I never knew
Tales of family and their kids
I learned of all their countries
And of all the things they did
Four hundred names in all I saw
And each name had a leaf
I didn’t know we were that big
It was truly beyond belief
The pictures too were something else
People, places now long gone
There were photos too of Mexico
And my dear old Uncle Juan
Tomorrow, though I will sit down
And I’ll do this all again
But this time I will make damn sure
That I don’t forget the “n”.

   



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