Opening Day


The day arrived,

the sun was out

The sky was perfect,


All was as it should be

No resistance ‘fore the storm

A winter gone, a spring in bloom

Things were as things should be

Fresh paint and banners hung out

For all the world to see

Bunting just the way it was

On days like this before

It showed off baseball’s history

No less and nothing more

The lines were crisp and dedicated

The foul lines and the fair

The team logos were painted

Silence hung in the spring air

A church for fifty thousand

To revere this game they’ll see

And if each single seat is filled

There’ll be fifty thousand forty three

The boys of summer own this field

New history shall be made

While fans scream for their favorites

As the game is being played

A chess game on such pristine grass

At this park it’s real

At others you will find

that it Is plastic…and lacks feel

The players, some are new as well

They were not here last year

The owners changed the line ups so

Your favorites are not here

Fathers, sons, and daughters

Share this circus every spring

It’s a rite of family passage

To most a holy thing

New jerseys, hats and banners

Showing where allegiance lies

There is no joy in Mudville

As each person chooses sides

The umpires, too, begin anew

They must be on the ball

Today’s game is most scrutinized

You cannot miss a call

The sense of pomp and circumstance

In this annual ceremony

Breaks out all of the rituals

In a loud cacophony

The teams announced and anthems sung

Color parties raise the flags

This is what baseball’s all about

Home plate and three new bags

The smell of cracker jack and beer

Hot dogs and candy corn

Soon start to infiltrate the park

And they break up this fresh morn

The players sit below now

Waiting for the game to start

Cliche speeches break the air

As the managers play their part

It’s time to all get ready Put this years “uni” on

And to rid your self of butterflies

And get that feeling gone

You check yourself before hand

Make sure that the outfits good

And you go over the ground rules

And know exactly what you should

Your’e as important to this game now

You are the holder of their fate

For your job is most important

You let the patrons though the gate

The actors in this rite of spring

Are varied in their roles

From players, umps and ticket sales

They all make baseball whole

The opening of each season

Shows off every single team

From the players out there on the field

To the ones behind the scenes

You put your best foot forward

Because you want them all to say

That baseball is just special

Because of Opening Day.

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