Class Clown

Class Clown

To set a goal and be “class clown”

Is not something good,I’m stating

I was the one who wrote his words

I was the “class clown in waiting”

A yard stick and a winter toque

A voyaguer I now was

To inherit a new character

As I aged, became a loss

Was bullying  the reason fo

r Hiding behind a mask

Or was it something deeper

That made me take this task

A true class clown has no regrets

Of what they say or do

Their only goal is laughter

And that they’ll get from you

Attention seeking misfits

Not in my book, there was no way

You couldn’t be a misfit

And say what they would say

A true “class clown”‘s an artist

Knowing when to make a scene

Knowing when a situation

Needs a lift, or at least a lean

Voices with strange accents

Silly faces set the stage

You get the class all laughing

While the teacher fumes with rage

Move on from the “class clown” name

And pursue it with a crowd

Do you really crave attention?

Do you want the laughter loud?

Or were you starved for some attention

Something you never got at home

Were you troubled as a child?

Did it cause your mind to roam?

Were you deficient in your memory?

Couldn’t handle work at school?

Or did you really crave the laughter?

Because on stage you could be cool

I envy people who were clowns

There were many in my life

To just be free with who they were

To dance upon the knife

I never was the top banana

I was always second, on the side

I always worked well as the set-up

But I came along and rode the ride


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