A Soldier’s Request

A Soldier’s Request

This piece of land I call my own
One day shall be overgrown
But one thing that is always shown
Is that people here are free
Lavender scent fills the air
People laughing everwhere
Old frenchmen sitting on the stairs
These things just need to be
Wander close and hear the sounds
There are birds and insects all around
But, we are all beneath the ground
And these we will not see
I lie beneath the sunlit sky
For this place is where I did die
For me I ask that you not cry
I died for my country
Birds are flying overhead
Beneath their flight lay we the dead
The ground was once stained deep blood red
From here you smell the sea
When I was here the sky was black
You could not see each new attack
We’d take one hill, they’d take in back
I was only twenty three
My medals are not on my chest
They’re home, I hope like all the rest
I died but did fulfill my quest
I made these people free
I will not age forever more
I will not make it twenty four
But where I lay, there’s ten score more
Who believed the same as me
I came to France in Wintertime
The battlefield was mud and slime
The beauty gone, it was a crime
There’s not much here to see
Our crosses stand and mark our place
No photographs to show our face
We died with honor and with grace
Please say a prayer for me
Just boys we were when we arrived
It’s sad that most did not survive
We gave our souls, we gave our lives
So this world could be free
I remember though one Christmas Day
The war was stopped so we could play
I wish it could  remain this way
We had no enemy
So, here I lie beneath the earth
My life is what your freedoms worth
My tale is one but there’s a dearth
Of others here like me
But now I just enjoy the view
The birds above and folks like you
Will keep my story, fresh, anew
Just please…remember me.

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