Old churches smell of Camphor
New churches get febreezed
New churches have soft benches
Old churches wreck your knees
Old churches have stained windows
New churches have foam walls
Old churches fill you up with dread
New churches look like malls
New churches have young pastors
Old churches, not so much
New churches have no feeling
Old churches hurt to touch
Old churches scream religion
New churches whisper “Hi”
New churches aren’t forboding
Old churches make you cry
New churches full of speakers
Old churches you just yell
New churches all have daycare
Old churches threaten hell
Old churches full of people
New churches full of young
New churches and new hymnals
Old churches,,bells are rung
Old churches make you wonder
New churches keep you cool
New churches…air conditioned
Old churches are a jewel
Old churches…God is power
New churches…God’s a friend
New churches….rules are broken
Old churches do not bend
Old churches are my background
New churches I don’t know
Old churches full of stories
New churches full of show
Old churches there’s confession
New churches there is not
New churches you say sorry
Old churches…it gets hot
New churches have no devil
Old churches he is there
New churches full of comfort
Old churches just to scare
No matter what religion
Be it new or be it old
Faith is one commitment
Forever,you should hold
Old churces are my favorite
New churches quench a thirst
But if I had a choice of one
I’d pick the old church first.


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