Beneath The Dark Waters

Sailors we’re not, but here our souls roam

Beneath the cold seas, and the waves and the foam

We inherit the depths of the oceans and sea

Never to know of just what we could be

We are the dead, lying down in the dark

Our stories forgotten, our history stark

We’re not in one place, we live where we went down

Not a monument stands for most in our towns

We went down in rough seas, in a storm or a battle

We died taking a trip or transporting our cattle

There’s as many of us as there are in the earth

We’ve been taken at sea, since man first did give birth

Our souls walk the floor of the deepest dark places

No one knows who we are, not our names or our faces

We ended our lives on ships , sloops and on ketches

We are the dead, some rich, some poor wretches

We never will age, never again will see light

We’re still waiting for more to join us in the night

The seas give us life and they take just as fast

It’s a tomb for us all, it’s where our breaths were our last

Unsinkable ships…fifteen hundred or more

Lost their lives to the ice just like many before

The water cares not, your soul’s there to take

Whether ocean or sea, or on river or lake

We walk in the depths, beneath the lighthouse and rocks

Our home is the cold, down below all the docks

We lie just off the shore, we died within reach

Some of us drowned just a bit from the beach

The sea’s a cruel master, it owns all who sail

It cares not one bit, who you are or your tale

Stories mean nothing to those down below

For when it is time, to the locker you’ll go

We died fighting pirates, we gave up our lives

We left our young children, our husbands and wives

From the Cape of Good Hope to the cold northern sea

s Where we were still alive as our bodies did freeze

In the Indian Ocean and off the Newfoundland coast

Some nights you might see us, in the fog…just a ghost

We’re the ones who inhabit the dark of the seas

When you hear the wind howling, you are hearing our pleas

Don’t forget who we were, when we lived and we died

Please remember the families who broke down and did cry

There are fish in the ocean, but we live here too

We’re the lost souls of people who died on the  blue

Sailors we’re not, but the water’s our home

Down in the dark waters beneath the waves and the foam.


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