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Fifty cents for a coffee

Toronto, Ontario, Canada….again. It was early in 1981. and I had just moved down to The Big Smoke to work co-op at The Royal Bank of Canada. But, you already know that if you have read the previous posts. Toronto was a whole new world for me. London, Ontario….being home was a lot smaller, and there weren’t quite as many characters as there were in … Continue reading Fifty cents for a coffee

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Another Myth Laid To Rest

Another Myth Laid To Rest I saw a myth destroyed Actually, I saw it demolished Stomped on, crushed and totally abolished We’ve all heard that you look slimmer in black Nope…big, fat lie One myth is taken back I went to a funeral And the myth died and joined the corpse where it lied Short, dumpy women looking like dried out  asphalt, with matching wedge heels … Continue reading Another Myth Laid To Rest

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“Squat” challenge

I’m not one for athletic pursuits anymore….I used to be….but, not any more. Bad knees, heart issues, torn rotator cuff….well, you get the picture. It isn’t pretty…it never really was…it was good….but, never pretty. I always worked hard at sport…and in some cases I achieved more than some…but, not as much as those truly gifted with the talent to be graceful, fluid, and noticed at … Continue reading “Squat” challenge

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"Spring Creek in Snow" Painting by Ben Haggett From Sticky post

Signs of a Canadian Spring

signs of a canadian spring my crocuses are frozen my hyacinths are wilted my snow drops are still hiding and my tulips all are stilted my lawn is buried deeply my door bell doesn’t ring all of these together signs of Canadian spring lawn all ripped to ratshit flyers frozen to the fence pot holes every fifty feet student residences to rent icicles on my … Continue reading Signs of a Canadian Spring

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Hillbilly Heart

hillbilly heart The city makes my heart beat change To a speed I can’t endure I start to sweat and I can’t breathe To me there only is one cure I have to leave the city life Leave the commotion far behind I’ve got to hit the country For that is where I’ll find I have got a hillbilly heart It’s beats in banjo time … Continue reading Hillbilly Heart

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The Piper at Dunblane

The Piper at Dunblane A chanter cracked from overuse Cheeks salt stained from shed tears Shed for those who lost their lives Lost well before their years The piper played for seventeen Who never saw their best Amazing Grace hung in the air While our hearts beat in our chests The massacre at Dunblane School took seventeen that day One teacher and lo, sixteen more … Continue reading The Piper at Dunblane

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Instagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Danielle Knudson

Originally posted on Sports Gossip, Sexy WAGs, NFL and Hot Cheerleaders: BustedCoverage:
? I’ve been behind on the normal IG Bikini Model of the Day posts, so I thought today was a perfect day to get back into the routine. The Coed Media crew in the NYC office has deployed a new gallery and we need some feedback on how it’s working. Some of you… Continue reading Instagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Danielle Knudson

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